Dog Playtimes & Grooming

Dog Playtimes

Every canine guest has playtime in our grassed exercise yards daily. This is either social playtime with other dogs of the same size, age and temperament or solo playtime if that's more suitable for your pooch.

Dog Personal Play sessions involve one on one - ball chasing, tug-o-war, chasey and cuddles.

Personal Playtimes are available for $10 per 20 minute session.

Book one daily, every second day or weekly, let us know what you'd like and we'll make sure your dog recieves ample playtime.

Luxury Suite guests have a daily Personal Playtime session included complimentary during their stay.

Dog Brush Sessions

If you have a long haired dog we recommend booking a regular brushing session to make sure hair doesn't get knotty during their stay. Plus a free massage is also lovely!

Brush sessions are $6 or $15 for 3 times per week

Dog Grooming

A Hydrobath is complimentary in the boarding charge for all dogs staying over 2 days.

Long term guests are hydrobathed regularly throughout their stay and there is no extra charge!

If you'd like to treat your dog to some extra pampering let us know when you book and we'll make an appointment at our grooming salon, located nearby - the pet taxi is complimentary for this service.