About Acacia Ridge Pet Resort

In 2006 Darrin & Abbey took over the Acacia Ridge Pet Motel, renaming the boarding kennel as Acacia Ridge Pet Resort and giving the whole facility a makeover. Additions included three large grassed dog exercise yards, a cat playground, 8 luxury suites for pampered pooches and 13 feline luxury suites.

We love what we do which is apparent in every aspect of the pet resort.

We are proud members of the Queensland Association of Pet Boarding and Grooming.

In the last 13 years the boarding facility's reputation has blossomed to be one of the best pet boarding kennels in Brisbane. Dogs & cats happily stay here 365 days a year. Staff are friendly and genuinely love their jobs. It's a fantastic place and we welcome people to come visit, please contact us, you'll be impressed!

Meet our Team

Darrin, Abbey & the fam

Growing up on a farm in South Australia my love of animals has always been a large part of my life. I have always had pets. After studying business management and becoming aware of the pet boarding industry, my husband and I took over the pet resort in 2006.

I worked in the kennels 7 days a week for three years and then had our two sons Ben, 2009 and Zac, 2011. Our staff are carefully chosen and Darrin and I are always onsite to make sure everything is running smoothly. We have two pets – a Domestic Long Haired Cat – General and an English Staffy called Busta. My boys and I visit the pets everyday and I can already see their love for animals.


Loving animals for as long as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to work in the pet industry. Never without a canine friend throughout my life, I’ve always thought the love and experience shared with a four-legged friend is like no other.

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Having been a part of the Pet Resort family for the last 3 years, I never knew a job could be so rewarding. I have an English Staffy, named Ammo, who somehow gets cuter every single day. I get to meet new guests each day, see previous guests return and love that I am given a chance to bond with them all.


The age old saying of never work with animals is a lie! I’ve worked at the Pet Resort since 2011 and cannot think of a better place to work. We are so lucky to see some many cute and cuddly guests.

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I started working at Acacia Ridge Pet Resort in Sep 2017 and have been envied by all who have posed the question “where do you work?” ever since! Being a dog lover since I can remember, working in the kennel with all the gorgeous dogs truly is the dream job.

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My earliest memories have always been of me with my family’s dogs. I've never had a period in my life where I didn't live with at least one dog. I love all animals, but dogs will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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My name is Christine and I’ve been working at Acacia Ridge Pet Resort for over 3 years. I work with both cats and dogs and also do the delivery/pick up service.

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Working at ARPR is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Waking up eager to get to work each day is a fantastic feeling! Dogs bring the most happiness to my life, they are a constant source of joy so every day is a good day at work for me.

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I started working at Acacia Ridge Pet Resort while I was studying at university because of my lifelong love of animals. After graduation, I was able to stay on as a casual staff member while also starting work full time at a microbiology laboratory.

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