Cat Playtimes & Grooming

Cat Playtimes

Cats in the Deluxe Cat Condos recieve playtime in the cat playground daily. If your cat is in Delxue you can purchase as many personal play sessions as you like! Daily, every second day or weekly.

Cat Personal Playtime one on one with a staff member includes lap cuddles, playing with toys, scratching our cat gym and lots of affection, or just a laze in the sun whilst the staff are on call in case anything else is required!

Cat Playtime is $10 per 20 minute session.

Cat Brushing Sessions

Brushing for your feline friend can be arranged at a cost of $6 per session, free cuddles included!

Cat Grooming

Grooming for your cat can be arranged at our local pet grooming salon, please let us know when you book you'd love to pamper your cat with a bath and groom and we will make an appointment with the salon. The Pet Taxi to and from the salon is complimentary.