Frequently Asked Questions

1What vaccinations will my pet require?

Dogs - Dogs - We require a current C5 Vaccine (at least 2 weeks prior if they are overdue) which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo Virus, Bordetella and strains of Canine Parainfluenza (Canine Cough). Please keep in mind the Canine Cough vaccination is compulsory even though it does not cover all strains of the virus. We require your pets’ vaccination certificate on arrival or prior and every 12 months when it is updated. If your pets' paperwork says C3 & KC, this is equivalent to a C5. Please be aware, even though some C3 vaccinations are valid for 3 years the Canine Cough booster still needs to be updated yearly.

Cats - We require a current F3 vaccination minimum (at least 2 weeks prior if they are overdue). This protects against Feline Enteritis, Feline Calici Virus & Feline Rhinotracheitis. We require your pets’ vaccination certificate on arrival or prior and every 12 months when it is updated. If you cat has Cat Flu or Feline Aids, please contact us to discuss boarding options.

2Do you offer tours of your facility?
YES! Tours are via appointment between 10:30-11:30am and 2:30-4:00pm Monday to Saturday outside of the Qld school holidays and public holidays. Please contact us to arrange a tour!
3Will my pet be comfortable?
Yes all of our accommodation is sheltered, well ventilated & protected during inclement weather for your pet’s comfort. The kennels are completely covered both indoors and outdoors. Cats are provided with a hidey hole and fleece blanket. Dogs are provided with a bed with a fleece blanket. All pets receive love and attention. Luxury Suites are airconditioned.
4What can I bring for my pet?
The only thing you need to bring is your pet’s current vaccination certificate. Please note we do not allow any personal items in our Standard Kennels or Deluxe Cat Condos, EXCEPT a coat during cold weather. We have plenty of bedding and toys! Luxury Suite guests are permitted with personal items from home.
5Will my pet be lonely?
No! Social dogs will have time to play with other dogs of similar size & temperament every day. However, please note we do have a no mixing policy with breeds such as Cattle, Staffy, German Shepherd, Jack Russell etc. This is not always the case depending on the individual dog. This policy is in place for the safety of other guests and our staff. Cats are always housed in individual units; they get plenty of attention from our staff and cats of the same family are able to board together. Let us know what your pet enjoys and we will do our best to accommodate them!
6What will you feed my pet?
We feed Dogs True Colours and Cats Royal Canin Fit during their stay. Customers are welcome to bring in their own prepared food for their animals. Own food incurs a surcharge for Standard Kennels and Deluxe Cat Condos, the exception to this is dietary specific/Vet prescribed food.
7Do you provide a pick up & delivery service?
We do offer a pick up & delivery service within a certain distance. Please feel free to contact us to discuss pricing and availability.
8What happens if my pet gets sick during the stay?
We always keep a close eye on all pets and contact owners and a vet if the need arises. Vet costs are the responsibility of the owner and must be paid prior to the pet’s departure.
9My pet is an escape artist? Will my pet be safe at Acacia Ridge Pet Resort?
Yes. Your pet’s security is of upmost importance to us. Please feel free to come and inspect our resort if this is a concern. Also please inform us for your pet's tendencies so we can be best prepared!
10Can you give my pet its required medication?
Yes. We are happy to accommodate pets requiring medication, the medication must have the original precription label and you must give clear instructions. Extra care for your pet is charged at $4.00 per time of day medication needs to be administered i.e twice daily will be 2 charges per day. Diabetics incur a $15/day surcharge. These charges are waived for Luxury Suite guests. Please note we can only administer medication that has been prescribed by a vet and as instructed on the label. If there has been a change in dosage etc a new prescription label must be present on the medication.
11Do you allow check in or check out outside of normal opening times?
Not generally except for in special circumstances. A minimum $50 charge is payable for this service.
12What happens if I need to extend my pets stay / pick up my pet up early?

Stay Extension - If you need to extend your pets holiday please give us a call, this is of course subject to availability, please give us as much notice as possible.

Early Pick Up - We do not give refunds if you collect your pet early however we are happy to offer you a credit off of your next stay (peak seasons excluded)

13How far in advance should I book?
We recommend you book your pets holiday as soon as your know the dates you require. In peak seasons such as Easter and Christmas we do booked out quite far in advance. Luxury Suites tend to book out a few months in advance also.
14Is a deposit required for bookings?
Deposits are required for all bookings. Christmas bookings must be paid for in full in advance.
15Can you bath my dogs before I pick him/her up? Do you offer a grooming service?
We give all dogs a complimentary hydrobath with a flea & tick rinse on the morning of their departure day or the day before if they are checking out in the morning. We don’t offer grooming onsite however we are happy to arrange this for you whilst your pet holidays with us. Please make this request when you make the booking as we will need to make an appointment. Travel to and from our grooming salon is free!
16What is Canine Cough?
Even in the most hygienic, well ventilated, spacious kennels the possibility of a dog acquiring Canine Cough exists. Canine Cough can be acquired from any dog, whether it be your neighbours, a dog in the park or your best friends. It can even be acquired while at the vets. The C5 vaccination does not cover every strand of canine cough. It is similar to receiving a flu shot - You may still contract the virus.